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At Whole Flower Products we began as caregivers and we have carried the responsibility of that mission through all phases of cannabis cultivation, processing, product development and manufacturing. First, we always seek to do no harm. That means absolutely no chemical pesticides or non-organic nutrients in our cultivation and using absolutely no chemical solvents in any of our processes or products. We also exclude all fillers, thickeners and preservatives from our liquid edibles. We insure that every ingredient in every product and process is organic and essential. Second, we always seek to produce the most effective cannabis and cannabis products possible. That means no isolated cannabinoids ..ever. We directly infuse our liquid edibles and essential oil topicals with Whole Flower, that means BUDS, in our exclusive low-temp, slow brew, multiple infusion process. 

Our carefully bred and cultivated strains deliver a broad spectrum of essential cannabinoids that work together with our complementary ingredients to guarantee that this stuff ROCKS! Third, at Whole Flower Products we believe that taste always matters. Our Whole Flower genetics are bred from the worlds finest cannabis strains, and are fed the best organic nutrients to produce amazing, unrivaled potency and flavor. We combine these tasty genetics with tasty roots & herbs & oils to create our well balanced, highly digestible, incredibly delicious, liquid edible products.

When you choose Whole Flower Products, what it means is, do no harm, deliver maximum potency and always taste great. We thank you for trying our carefully considered, field tested, exceptionally effective products.












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