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Whole Flower Products was founded by two guys from Boulder County, Colorado with a passion for CBD/CBG cannabis and cannabis medicine. We began our journeys independently more than 30 years ago, breeding and cultivating the world's finest cannabis and cannabis products. When legalization came to Colorado twelve years ago we began cannabis caregiving on the first day.

Whole Flower Products

The founding partners shared a common dream and common experiences. We quickly realized that our experiences could be applied to our dream to provide superior cannabis medicine to the masses. As fine homebuilders for several decades we knew that proper planning and preparation, hard won expertise and diligence always led to the best finished product. As cooks and chefs and restaurant owners we shared experiences that taught us that, in addition to planning, preparation diligence and expertise, that presentation and flavor made for happy customers. We learned that what you put in is what you get out and that diligence makes it's own luck.

Over last decade we have applied these lessons to every phase of the cannabis industry. Upon passage of the Farm Bill in 2017, that federally legalized cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC we combined our extensive experiences to come together to form Whole Flower Products.

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